Who We Are

Our mission is to welcome our guest in a friendly and warm environment where they can enjoy some good time with their friends, their family or to socialize with new people. Hamu is not a common restaurant, our priority is to offer you an experience. The menu is short, in the concemption of a “drinking bistrot”. We combine our Italian tradition with the freshness of the Tanzanian ocean food, fresh vegetables and local fruit. Our menu is light, fresh and entirely homemade.

Our bar is specialized in making cocktails at international standards and thanks to our experience we can satisfy the majority of requests according to your taste. Our spirit selection and wine lists are always growing and improving to the highest standard.

Why Choose Us

  • Catering: Our staff at Hamu  trained and equipped to provide top notch service wherever our clients require us. We can provide both food and bar service in whatever location within the Dar es Salaam surroundings. USE PICTURES OF FINGER FOOD

  • Celebration: Over our 6 years of history we created memories for every type of occasion: weddings, graduations, birthday parties and more. Come and get your custom special day at Hamu. USE PICTURES OF FINGER FOOD

  • Delivery: Hamu partners with the most popular food delivery apps such as Piki and Duka Direct, you can also contact us for you delivery in Masaki area. Delivery service is available from 12 noon every day except Mondays.